World Economic Forum: Charging forward! Britain’s plans to reach net zero emissions

Eneco eMobility and CutPower seal partnership for charging stations in Europe

Dutch energy company Eneco with its Rotterdam-based subsidiary Eneco eMobility B. V. and Hamburg-based sustainability investor CUT POWER AG agree on a strategic Europe-wide partnership in the growing eMobility market.

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COP 24 – Greta Thunberg speaks to the world


Managed Sustainability: Let’s do it efficiently!

 It was called a historic moment by Ban Ki Moon and John Kerry when representatives of almost 200 states signed the global climate protection agreement during a festive ceremony at the UN in New York City. This agreement has “the power to build a better world”, said Ban optimistically.Kerry But the real challenge begins only now, as words must be put into actions. No doubt: this can’t be done without CutPower. During the follow-up conference in Bonn, Germany, concrete plans were drawn up on how the EU agreements shall be put into effect. It is clear that, in order to reach the goals, the countries need to act now. Germany’s ambitious contribution is the Climate Protection Plan 2050. But as Environmental Minister Barbara Hendricks said, this plan can’t be implemented with public funds alone – therefore, private financial streams benefitting climate protection will be mobilised and supported. Thus, the door for CutPower stands wide open. Sigmar Gabriel, Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, is now walking through this door after acknowledging the potential of energy efficiency: „The cleanest and cheapest energy is the one not being used“. siggiAha, got it! Means: CutPower. With this realization, a large campaign was initiated; „Germany does it efficiently“. And what does this include? Unfortunately, little more than hot air. The campaign aims to raise awareness among citizens, companies and municipalities – no trace of effective funding or financial incentives for those who are actually willing to act. Let’s not wait any longer. CutPower offers „Managed Sustainability“ with all benefits: As infrastructure provider, CutPower provides energy efficient, sustainable equipment – off-balance and risk-free for you. Active climate protection and commercial benefits don’t have to oppose each other any longer thanks to CutPower. When can we await your message?