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Climate change matters! As a leading European sustainablity investor CutPower is committed to reduce energy usage and is driving decarbonisation into real estate, processing industry, transport and new mobility. CutPower operates as a multi-asset infrastructure provider, invests in projects, at its own risk, to deliver bespoke Infrastructure as a Service solutions alongside the transition of the energy and mobility sector with major innovative technology and capital market partners. The result: pure opex projects which are

  • cost-neutral
  • balance sheet neutral
  • climate-neutral

for the infrastructure beneficiary, the environment. And you.

CutPower invests e. g. in building and industry equipment, private and public charging infrastructure for electric mobility. The unique position of CutPower’s business model has led to significant international awards.

Mega-trends such as digitisation, smart and green buildings, new mobility, strict climate protection regulation as well as new international accounting standards are ancillary drivers for this new approach to Managed Sustainability by CutPower.

All related services are included and cover consulting, procurement, auditing, energy/water/waste mnagement, full monitoring and targeting systems, project steering and also behaviour change programmes. The result is a risk free solution where CutPower invests & takes care of all assets. Your efficiency and sustainability profit determines our margin. Let’s go for it.

Climate Protection

Put your building at our disposal. We shall tap undreamt-of energy sources on your behalf. >>> continue

New Energy

CutPower makes it possible: Higher energy efficiency saves billions and also protects the climate. >>> continue

At the source

The potential for CutPower is huge. In Germany. And in Europe. >>> continue


Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer thematisiert Ladeinfrastrukturen


“We can and will not wait until the last in the world will be convinced from scientifically-proven findings on climate change.”
Dr. Angela Merkel
Dr. Angela MerkelFederal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
“Government can provide the structure, the incentives, the framework, but it’s the private sector that will ultimately take us to the finish line.”
John Kerry
John KerryUS Secretary of States
“More active politics would kick off billions of investments. At once the cost of energy supply would drop substantially.”
Christian Noll
Christian NollDeutsche Unternehmensinitiative Energie-Effizienz
“Let’s not wait for politics. That will take time. Let us link capital markets and climate protection on a profitable basis now.”
Karl Eberhard Hunke
Karl Eberhard HunkeChairman EnergySavingsBond
We know that making buildings more energy efficient is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to create jobs, save money, and cut down on harmful pollution that causes climate change.”
Barack Obama
Barack Obamaformer President of the United States of America
“Investors are concerned about climate change. The investment opportunities are safe and secure investment grade bonds. This is a Dull Green Market – just how pension funds and insurance funds like it.”
Sean Kidney
Sean KidneyCEO Climate Bonds Initiative
“We’re the first generation having the power to destroy the planet. To ignore that risk is reckless.”
Nicholas Stern
Nicholas SternLondon School of Economics
“7 million people die of environmental pollution every year, because we can’t get rid of fossil fuels.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold SchwarzeneggerFounder of the R20 climate protection initiative, former Governor of California
“Energy-saving technologies keep improving faster than they’re applied, so efficiency is an ever larger and cheaper resource.”
Amory Lovins
Amory LovinsAmerican physicist & environmental scientist
“Energy efficiency is often the lowest-cost means of meeting new demand for energy. Governments that encourage investment in energy efficiency and implement supporting policies save citizens money, reduce dependence on energy imports, and reduce pollution.”
Steven Nadal
Steven NadalExecutive Director ACEEE (American Counsil for an Energy-Efficient Economy)
“In regards to climate protection politics has led the way, now it’s up to the corporations”
Rüdiger Grube
Rüdiger Grubeformer CEO Deutsche Bahn AG
“We have to achieve innovation, decarbonisation and proper infrastructure – and therefore to extend our solidarity even to unborn human beings.”
Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber
Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim SchellnhuberDirector Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Government Advisor, international Expert in Climate Protection