Berlin misses saving goals, again

The importance of innovative hybrid investment solutions with CutPower was once again confirmed by the German federal government: The goal to reduce energy consumption about 20% until the year 2020, as defined in the “National Action Schedule Energy Efficiency” (NAPE), could again not be met. 59% of all determined measures have still not been realized. With all so-far NAPE measures, the government has gotten about 1% closer to its 20-percent-goal – and this is only the case if all planned actions will actually reach their calculated saving potentials, as analyses show. So far, no signs of federal incentives, indemnity bonds or support of third-party financing models. CutPower shows convincing results in both climate protection and efficiency, all without federal protection.

Bad news for the tax payer: all this delay means a loss of money, as the government has failed to handle the avoidance of energy consumption with the same importance as the reconstruction of energy production.

By these failed attempts at meeting its energy saving plans, the German government weakens its own climate policy’s credibility at COP21 – embarrassing.