Scientists and studies provide the evidence:

without CutPower the numbers will not add up.

Experts agree. In spite of that, numerous companies do not have investments in climate conservation and energy savings on their agenda. There is simply a lack of budgets. This is where CutPower lends a helping hand and finances meaningful measures which pay their way.

At the “Berlin Energy Days” in May 2014, Professor Eberhard Jochem from Karlsruher Institut für Ressourceneffizienz und Energiestrategien (IREES – Karlsruhe Institute for Efficiency of Resources and Energy Strategies) lectured on decision-making processes in industry; he pointed out that approximately 85% of companies make their decisions for or against energy-efficiency investments exclusively on the basis of the associated pay-back period, instead of also considering a profitability index such as the internal rate of interest.

The application of a two- or three-year pay-back period leads systematically to wrong decisions, because profitable energy-efficiency investments with internal rates of interest below 30% are not taken into account. In addition, in purchasing departments, requirements on energy-efficient components are frequently not specified in calls for tenders. Instead of making decisions based on life-cycle costs, they are often made on the basis of the lowest investment figure. The financing of energy-efficiency investments exclusively with the company’s cash flow also creates a hurdle for investments which boast profitability in excess of 10% and which are therefore eminently suitable for financing through third parties. Until now, this has represented huge untapped potential that can be realized with CutPower. We shall be pleased to answer questions about us and our company.