The first German infrastructure provider:

  • CutPower acts exclusively in the interests not only of clients and users/tenants, but also of climate conservation.
  • CutPower is completely free in its selection of third-party involvement and proceeds on a best-of-class principle.
  • CutPower has access to innovative technical-implementation resources and stands for state-of-the-art technology in all sectors.
  • CutPower acts with a proven integral approach, including an initial detailed audit and the introduction and continued application of an energy-management system.
  • In connection with the Energy Savings Bond (ESB) and the investors behind that bond, CutPower boasts scalable liquidity and creditworthiness.
  • CutPower brings know-how and a processing model for the housing industry in conjunction with § 559 of the German Civil Code, in order to successively increase income from basic rents; together with acceptance by tenants.
  • CutPower stands for sustainability from the very start.

CutPower is sponsored by private investors and acts independently of energy concerns. We shall be pleased to answer questions about us and our company. To contact us >>>