CutPower makes it possible:

Higher energy efficiency saves billions and also protects the climate.

The reduction of energy consumption is the best method for national economies to save on costs, to protect the climate and to lower dependence on raw materials from other regions of the world. Energy reduction realized by private companies and property/real-estate owners.
Take the example of building refurbishment: Alone in Germany roughly 40% of total end-energy consumption is accounted for by buildings. By far the largest proportion – 31% – is accounted for by heating. If buildings were systematically refurbished and heating systems optimized, that percentage could be drastically reduced. In turn, expenses for oil and gas would decline significantly and dependence upon Russian deliveries of natural gas would decrease substantially.
The refurbishment quota among buildings is only roughly 1% – a situation often attributable to a lack of available funds. That figure can be considerably increased by CutPower.
However, the sector of buildings is only the beginning. The industrial and transport sectors also boast huge potential for savings; savings which mostly generate fast pay-back. In other words, CutPower pays.

The significance of non-residential buildings in terms of energy efficiency is underestimated. Even small numbers of commercial or industrial buildings show comparatively high consumption alone on account of their size. This is where CutPower comes in. Take air-conditioning systems for example: to comply with energy-saving regulations, larger air-conditioning systems, which are used almost exclusively in public and commercial buildings, must be checked every 10 years. However, so far only roughly 3% of those systems have been tested. As a result, thousands of air-conditioning systems continue to consume energy without restriction. CutPower ensures fast amortization of all necessary measures – even of full replacement. All large-scale ventilation and heating systems offer additional potential through regular servicing and maintenance; though legislation does not yet stipulate regular checks. CutPower realizes this energy potential.