You want the best for yourself and for the planet?

Put your building at our disposal. We shall tap undreamt-of energy sources on your behalf.

Climate protection and the energy revolution are compatible only if energy consumption in industrialized countries is drastically reduced. Industry and consumers are only willing to cut back on energy consumption if convenience and performance do not suffer as a result. CutPower represents Europe’s biggest source of energy: that source is avoidance of energy consumption. This new energy is generated precisely in those locations where until now most has been consumed: where large numbers of people live and work.

CutPower is therefore, as base-load energy, of more value than, for example, energy from renewable sources, which must first be brought to the consumer over long transport distances and complex storage processes which together incur high losses. Alone in Germany, the potential for CutPower is ten times greater than that from all theoretically developable sources of renewable energy using state-of-the-art technology*. And the most astonishing fact is: realization of CutPower requires no felling of trees, building of pylons, laying of cables, clearing of routes or conducting of constitutional or administrative processes. It is sufficient to incorporate technological resources which are already available, that is to say technical facilities from renowned and proven manufacturers, on a decentralized basis into, for example, residential and office buildings.

Incidentally, CutPower operates nationwide as a job provider, especially for small and medium-sized companies, and not only for tradesmen. The key to success is already in your hands. Unlock your potential.

Source: inter alia, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Berlin