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The best operator for the best energy.

For all projects sponsored by CutPower which do not boast a suitable energy-generating operator, operating partners are available for CutPower. All operational business is conducted by our selected operating partners for the management of such plant. These operating partners are integral energy service provider which are independent of other concerns and operates european or at least nationwide in Germany. Our partners already supply energy through more than 1,100 boiler plants, energy generating plants and power centres to over 150,000 apartments and 600 commercial properties. Yet another, critical added-value factor which we offer through our operations partners: own market access independent of energy concerns, bringing optimized energy trading with substantial benefits to CutPower projects. In day-to-day business, the operations partners are the contact point for property owners, facility managers, users, tenants and final customers in all technical matters and to cope with those requirements boasts a perfectly organized 24/7 Customer Service Centre with an own Master Control Station. The experienced operating partners are also responsible for all billing in a customized level of detailing.

Other outstanding strengths of the partnership with CutPower: complex engineering know-how without vested interest, innumerable references for successful climate protection and multiple awards for financial validity. These are just some of the additional qualities in favour of our selected operating partners.