The shortest road to Mars is via Dubai – or is it?

The recently presented space suit for the flight to planet Mars by NASA looks pretty cool. But it seems as if going that far is not even necessary: after a study published in the science journal “Nature Climate Change” and conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of the Loyola Marymont University of Los Angeles, the region around the Persian Gulf could become inhabitable until the end of the century if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced. Summer temperatures – already up to 50°C from time to time – will rise even more than that, 60°C and more won’t be an exception anymore. This will not only affect pilgrims and football players: the latest heat wave in the Gulf region already gave a first impression of what life could be like. “The latest study shows that the danger for the human health is much greater than so far assumed” says renowned climate scientist Prof. Christoph Schär of ETH Zurich.

It seems like a bad joke: the region which profits the most of fossil fuels is also the one that will suffer the most and the soonest from it. And wasn’t there something to do with FIFA and football, too..? Instead of air-conditioned palaces or the occasional support of Islamic terror, we recommend investments in desert plantations and the welcoming of war refugees from the neighbor countries. All a matter of priorities, right?

Tous au bistrot!

After the absurd terror in Paris, people decided to make a strong statement: We won’t back down, freedom is stronger that fear. Or, to say it in the translated words of the Parisian people: “let’s all go to the bistro!”, let’s all resume our normal lives. Because Paris also stands for hope.boat

The 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) will be held there and: CutPower will be part of it. The opening event will be held on the “MS Tûranor” after its world circumnavigation in support of the “Race for Water” foundation.

What makes this high-tech catamaran so special is the fact that it is exclusively powered by solar panels and power storing high-performance batteries. Thanks to CutPower, the same technology will be applied in stationary energy storage systems that are being used, e.g., in large real estate. The motto is: more off-grid, decentralized usage of self energy with CutPower!

Berlin misses saving goals, again

The importance of innovative hybrid investment solutions with CutPower was once again confirmed by the German federal government: The goal to reduce energy consumption about 20% until the year 2020, as defined in the “National Action Schedule Energy Efficiency” (NAPE), could again not be met. 59% of all determined measures have still not been realized. With all so-far NAPE measures, the government has gotten about 1% closer to its 20-percent-goal – and this is only the case if all planned actions will actually reach their calculated saving potentials, as analyses show. So far, no signs of federal incentives, indemnity bonds or support of third-party financing models. CutPower shows convincing results in both climate protection and efficiency, all without federal protection.

Bad news for the tax payer: all this delay means a loss of money, as the government has failed to handle the avoidance of energy consumption with the same importance as the reconstruction of energy production.

By these failed attempts at meeting its energy saving plans, the German government weakens its own climate policy’s credibility at COP21 – embarrassing.

URBANA is the strategic partner of CutPower. Long-term cooperation already signed and sealed.

The leading integral service provider of energy URBANA is, in a long-term and exclusive partnership, the preferred operator for all CutPower projects. URBANA provides the complete service and operational-management package, ranging from installation and maintenance of engineering facilities to energy supply and accounting. URBANA has been planning, building and operating plant for the efficient supply of energy across the whole of Germany for more than 50 years, and delivers heating and electricity to private households, commerce, communities and industry.

For all projects sponsored by CutPower which do not boast a suitable energy-generating operator, URBANA is available as the exclusive operator for CutPower. All operational business is conducted by our exclusive partner for the management of such plant: URBANA is an integral energy service provider which is independent of other concerns and operates nationwide in Germany from its headquarters in Hamburg. The company already supplies energy through more than 1,100 boiler plants and power centres to over 150,000 apartments and 600 communal and commercial properties. URBANA also performs facility management tasks for more than 150,000 apartments. Yet another, critical added-value factor which we offer through our partner URBANA: own market access independent of energy concerns, bringing optimized energy trading with substantial benefits to CutPower projects. In day-to-day business, URBANA is the contact point for property owners, users, tenants and final customers in all technical matters and to cope with those requirements boasts a perfectly organized 24/7 Customer Service Centre. URBANA is responsible for all billing.

URBANA’s sister company KALO, which provides meter-reading services, handles more than one million tenants and apartment owners across the whole of Germany.

Other outstanding strengths of the partnership with CutPower: complex engineering know-how without vested interest, innumerable references for successful climate protection and multiple awards for financial services: These are just some of the additional qualities in favour of URBANA.

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Climate summit in New York confirms CutPower targets

The 120 heads of state and heads of government who attended the UN Climate Summit in New York have acknowledged their goal of concluding an agreement on climate by the end of next year. That agreement is to incorporate obligations for all states. The New York summit has again put climate protection and CutPower back on the agenda worldwide. In her speech at the meeting, the German Minister for the Environment Barbara Hendricks confirmed not only the consent of the federal German government to contribute 750 million euros to the UN Green Climate Fund but also the German climate-protection target of reducing emissions by 40 per cent by 2020. Following two years of increasing emissions generated by booming coal-fired power plants, the 40 per cent target can only be achieved if massive progress is made in establishing energy efficiency and if several coal-fired power plants are de-commissioned.