Tous au bistrot!

After the absurd terror in Paris, people decided to make a strong statement: We won’t back down, freedom is stronger that fear. Or, to say it in the translated words of the Parisian people: “let’s all go to the bistro!”, let’s all resume our normal lives. Because Paris also stands for hope.boat

The 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) will be held there and: CutPower will be part of it. The opening event will be held on the “MS Tûranor” after its world circumnavigation in support of the “Race for Water” foundation.

What makes this high-tech catamaran so special is the fact that it is exclusively powered by solar panels and power storing high-performance batteries. Thanks to CutPower, the same technology will be applied in stationary energy storage systems that are being used, e.g., in large real estate. The motto is: more off-grid, decentralized usage of self energy with CutPower!