The shortest road to Mars is via Dubai – or is it?

The recently presented space suit for the flight to planet Mars by NASA looks pretty cool. But it seems as if going that far is not even necessary: after a study published in the science journal “Nature Climate Change” and conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of the Loyola Marymont University of Los Angeles, the region around the Persian Gulf could become inhabitable until the end of the century if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced. Summer temperatures – already up to 50°C from time to time – will rise even more than that, 60°C and more won’t be an exception anymore. This will not only affect pilgrims and football players: the latest heat wave in the Gulf region already gave a first impression of what life could be like. “The latest study shows that the danger for the human health is much greater than so far assumed” says renowned climate scientist Prof. Christoph Schär of ETH Zurich.

It seems like a bad joke: the region which profits the most of fossil fuels is also the one that will suffer the most and the soonest from it. And wasn’t there something to do with FIFA and football, too..? Instead of air-conditioned palaces or the occasional support of Islamic terror, we recommend investments in desert plantations and the welcoming of war refugees from the neighbor countries. All a matter of priorities, right?