Success for us – and for you!

Another success for CutPower: For the second time in a row, CutPower was awarded the German INDUSTRIEPREIS with the BEST OF distinction in the category „Energy & Environment“. CEO Karl Eberhard Hunke accepted the award at the HANNOVER FAIR: „We are very
happy about the reaffirmation of our unique business model of ‘Managed Sustainability’, with which we are able to make an important contribution both for the environment and the economy. I would like to thank the entire team, our business partners and our investors.“
Proof of economic, social, ecological or technological benefits was required from the applicants‘ business models – exactly what CutPower has to offer.
The top-class jury agreed and saw all criteria fulfilled: By provision and support of energy efficiency projects in the field of sustainable technology, companies reduce both their emissions and their cost, all without additional expenditures or own risks – OPEX instead of CAPEX. Thus, CutPower is not the only winner: Besides the environment, companies benefit from finally being able to realize energy efficiency and sustainability projects – all thanks to CutPower.