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put their faith in their business model

Through the EnergySavingsBond (ESB), owners or tenants or users of real estate or industrial infrastructures have immediate access to the benefits of contemporary technology and optimized energy consumption without having to resort to their proprietary capital and incur higher costs.

The ESB project company is the investor and writes off the costs of the technical facilities which have been installed. The owners and/or the users of the technically optimized infrastructure either pay a previously calculated service fee or, if operational management and other tasks are also performed by CutPower and associated partners, an on-going service and usage fee.

Running costs associated with the ESB are at worst identical but frequently lower than today’s energy costs. Participation in achieved savings is also possible in many cases. The term of the ESB partnership is dependent upon the scope of the technical measures which have been adopted and the associated amortization period. Why not forward your requirements to us at!