New Energy for the capital market

The EnergySavingsBond (ESB) represents an innovative off-balance investment programme. In capital-market terms, the ESB is comprehensively monitored and processed by an international investment bank and leading underwriter.

Integral energy projects funded by the ESB are primarily convincing on account of their significant economic benefits during on-going operations and not least because of the quality and creditworthiness of the infrastructure users. For private German investors, the consequent returns are only subject to flat-rate tax deduction at source, as the income is deemed to be earnings from interest. The invested funds are well secured – for example by easements entered in the land registry, operating rights or access to the business, plant and infrastructure in favour of the respective ESB project or special-purpose vehicle (SPV).

Here is a typical example for an ESB in the field of CutPower projects for real estate:
ESB Modell