Win-Win-Win Solutions

As a consequence of the intelligently configured financing of investments by a third party (= ESB*-Special Purpose Vehicle – SPV), a balance-sheet entry for the energy-optimized infrastructure funded by the ESB* at proprietor and/or users/tenant level can be dispensed with. For proprietors and/or users of the infrastructure, the ESB funds function as off-balance financing.

In the sector of housing management, the necessary redemption payments are generated from on-going operations and income from the billing of ancillary costs. This solution can not only increase the proportion of basic rent but also enhance the market value of your property. With falling operational costs, substantial savings are realized in the consumption of primary energy.

In this way, tenants and proprietors all make a major contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the consequent improvement of the world’s climate.

* EnergySavingsBond