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CutPower: Fresh Power for the capital market.

We take up the planet’s greatest energy challenge.

Institutional and private investors agree: their capital should be invested securely and bring good yields in the long-term. The EnergySavingsBond (ESB) was introduced in 2011 and is the first European climate-protection bond. Funds from the ESB are invested through project companies in integral energy projects which generate attractive yields during on-going operations.

As an infrastructure provider, CutPower and its partners take responsibility for complete asset management and also for all operational processes if required, that is to say operational management with all of the associated guarantees, performance obligations and accompanying services, through to continuous reporting (including energy audits, compliance with EU guidelines, ISO certification, insurance etc.).

The selection and structuring of the projects financed through the EnergySavingsBond (ESB) are carried out in accordance with strict and demanding criteria. The EnergySavingsBond (ESB) invests via its project and special-purpose companies exclusively in projects audited by independent experts and, in contrast to the situation with most renewable-energy investments, are wholly viable without the benefit of public subsidies and are sustainably stand-alone. That configuration ensures sound yields for investors, while default risks are kept to the conceivable minimum and are as a rule assessed with rating category BBB (Investment Grade = “lower-medium risk of default”); they are therefore accepted by institutional investors, who are subject to strict statutory investment restrictions for tying up capital (e.g. life insurance, pension funds).